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Monday, May 13, 2013

Washington and Colorado Pass Historic Cannabis Legalization Legislation

This past election, State initiatives in Colorado and Washington yielded a positive result for the legalization of marijuana: both States determined that cannabis should be legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes. These initiatives are historic as they are the first that fly in the face of Federal law when it comes to the recreational use of marijuana. While cannabis is still scheduled under the Controlled Substances Act as a "Schedule I" drug, States have been legalizing it for medicinal purposes since California passed legislation in 1996. Being a schedule I drug, cannabis, according to the Federal government, has "a high risk for abuse" and "no acknowledged medicinal properties". Let it be known: even cocaine is listed as having medicinal properties according to the Controlled Substances Act, (it is currently scheduled as a Schedule II drug). According to the 44th President, Barack Obama, pursuing marijuana smokers and users will be "low" on the priority list of the administration. During his last term in office, however, his administration proved that his reassurance on the issue of medicinal and illegal cannabis cultivation and distribution was unfounded. More raids on dispensaries have occurred under Obama's first term as President than over the entire term of 43rd President, George W. Bush. Read the Story on Huffington Post Here With two States now pounding out State legislation to respect the will of the voting majority in respect to recreational marijuana business regulations, eight [8] more States have had legislation filed to legalize the adult consumption of cannabis for all purposes. These include: Rhode Island Vermont Massachusetts Maryland Nevada Maine Oregon Pennsylvania Hawaii had a bill to legalize that has already been defeated and Nevada's appointed committee has vowed to let their legalization bill die in committee. Without serious grassroots support, many of the other bills may suffer the same fate. It is important to note that without a gigantic outcry of voters, local and State politicians will not fear for their re-election should they oppose these bills, or just let them die in the committee without a hearing. Be sure to contact your elected officials via email or phone to let them know that this cause is important to you. There are petitions for all of these bills available through a quick search on

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