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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Love for Holder at Berkeley: Pot Protesters Galore

Boo Hoo
Eric Holder looks less than enchanted...

If you guessed that Eric Holder had a bad time in California when he visited the University of California Berkeley to speak to the graduating class of law students. Well planned so that it could be seen when Holder arrived, a private aircraft flew circles over Berkeley with a sign that read, "Holder: End Rx Cannabis War #Peace4Patients". That wasn't the only message that Holder received on the topic as he pulled into the campus.

Reportedly, "dozens" of activists met his limo as it pulled up into Berkeley and they chanted and waved signs in favor of cannabis legalization.  California NORML's President, Dale Gieringer stated, "He can't come to Berkeley and not be reminded of his department's bad faith with respect to marijuana". Holder should be reminded every time that he is seen in public that his administration's efforts to shut down established medical dispensaries in California and across the country are not the "last priority" mindset that Obama claimed they would take on cannabis, oh so many years ago.

Holder nor Obama has made any attempt at officially challenging the Colorado or Washington marijuana laws that passed with the majority of popular vote over the past election. While it has been six months since the dawn of legalized marijuana in two States of the US, the administration refuses to come out and declare that they will continue shutting down State legal operations - mostly because they know that it would be political suicide and that it would lead to a national conversation in the media about legalizing cannabis.

Until those who are still CON concerning marijuana retreat their concept of MINORITY RULES, MAJORITY HAS NO RIGHTS, the 52% of Americans that feel that marijuana possession, growth and use should not be a crime will continue to slag the opposition and catch them in lies. We are PRO full legalization of marijuana.

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