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Monday, May 13, 2013

Maryland Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation in Senate - Heads to Governor

On April 8th, the Maryland Senate passed legislation legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes in the State. As seen in California and other medicinally legal States, this legislation will allow for the cultivation and sale of medicinal cannabis for patients suffering from a variety of ailments including bowel illnesses, cancerous tumors, eye conditions like glaucoma and many other issues. In light of this move towards legalization, Maryland stands one step closer to legalizing cannabis for all purposes. There is currently a piece of legislation in Maryland that would legalize cannabis the same way that Washington and Colorado did in the last election. It can be found on Maryland's State government website here. If this legislation passes, it will make Maryland the 3rd State in the US to legalize cannabis for adult consumption. In addition to Maryland, there are seven other States considering outright marijuana legalization. They include: Nevada, Pennsylvania, Maine, Vermont, Oregon, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. If you live in any of these States, the only way to get the bills to move forward is to contact your local Representatives and Senators and let them know that you are in favor of legalizing cannabis. Emails and phone calls are thoroughly encouraged. As more States legalize similarly to Washington and Colorado, it will become increasingly difficult for the Federal government to ignore cannabis legalization as a major platform to address in upcoming elections.

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