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Written by: Jason Mueller

It is the common social morays and unmovable culture that we live in that propagates the deaths of children and stubborn adults that continue to endanger said children. We refuse to integrate better ideas in construction as a way of dealing with inclement weather patterns. We use red brick in common suburban design for residential properties, businesses and government buildings.

If we had HALF a mind to DEAL with these situations rather than continually following the: "DISASTER/ FEMA/ BILLIONS/ RECONSTRUCTION/ DISASTER, REPEAT" model, we could easily use... oh, I don't know... ACTUAL ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES to protect our citizens and property.

Monolithic Dome Home Survives Missouri Tornado

I say bollocks. Bollocks to the people living in NJ by the water. Bollocks to people in Tornado Alley. I said it before and I'll say it again - living in those places is like deliberately flying through the Bermuda Triangle. Just don't do it.

All in all, of course support goes and my heart breaks knowing that families have been torn to pieces by the refusal of "non-traditional" means of resolving towards a permanent solution rather than the S.O.S.

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If people in general would get their heads out of their asses about a lot of things, we could eliminate a lot of tragedies. Bumper Car design for high speed travel with fewer deaths. Gyroscopic frames that pivot, reducing whiplash to passengers. Pyramid and dome shaped houses that don't incur stress at critical building joints when subjected to 300 mph winds and materials that can withstand high impact. Oxygen supplies with masks and water-tight homes built of water resistant and impact resistant material for homes prone to flooding.

We go through tragedy after tragedy and we learn NOTHING. Mass murdering kids and adults in movie theaters and in schools - NO OF COURSE WE DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITHIN THE INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF KIDS FROM 6 - 18... It was the psychopathic kids. Let's just go on as normal. Bam. Happens again. Happens again. Happens again.

I hold to my guns here. We collectively need to get our heads out of our asses and figure out permanent solutions to prolong the lives of all. It wouldn't be hard to start.

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