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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dept. of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Informing Gun Dealers that MMJ Patients Are Exempt from 2nd Amendment

These things are not mutually exclusive and it SCARES the dickens out of the government

In a major encroachment against the 2nd Amendment rights of patients using medical marijuana, the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has apparently reached out to gun dealers informing them that it is now illegal to sell guns to registered MMJ patients. According to the Gun Control Act, because marijuana is illegal Federally, registered patients are automatically considered Federal criminals and therefore, they are exempted of their rights to purchasing a firearm, voting and sitting on a Jury of their peers, among other things.

Though this move is extremely difficult to enforce considering there is no mandate to cross check during gun registration or purchases for anything except felony conviction, this is an obvious sign of what the current administration wants to do by implementing tighter gun restrictions. By taking away the right to keep and bear arms among all dissidents of the current system and laws, the Federal government hopes to stave off drastic political change or governmental upheaval by armed revolt.

While it has long been a claim of marijuana smokers that they are exceptionally peaceable, (even Robin Williams said in one of his skits, "I ain't never met me an angry pot smoker,") the blatant efforts of the government to undermine our rights as set forth in the Bill of Rights have been raising major issues with many citizens.

 In related news, former Marine and Podcast pundit, Adam Kokesh, has proposed a July 4th protest march where participants will be marching form the Virginia border into Washington DC with loaded firearms slung around their backs. In DC, it is illegal by District code to openly bear a firearm. Kokesh has amassed thousands of willing participants and despite warnings of potential arrest from law enforcement in DC, all participants plan to make the march a success. He also has stated numerous times that this will be a peaceful protest and that anyone subject to arrest should surrender their firearms and submit to the due process without incident.

Guns and marijuana aren't mutually exclusive. In the current black market, they are often tied together, even. Unfortunately for those who would infringe on our rights, the Bill of Rights is clear: we have the duty and responsibility to keep and bear arms. Not just to hunt with, but to keep the ever expanding Federal government in check by threat of armed revolt. Kokesh gets it. Do you?

One thing you share in common either way, is that both Adam Kokesh and the majority of Americans these days are PRO full legalization of marijuana.

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