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Friday, May 24, 2013

NJ Weedman Frustrated over 'Clipped Wings'

Ed Forchion on a charity flight to LA for his cancer treatment

NJ Weedman, aka: Ed Forchion, has been a well-known metro area face for the controversy surrounding his beliefs on marijuana. Lately, however, Ed has been using experimental bone cancer treatments available only in LA to combat a rare form of bone cancer called "giant cell tumors". Despite having had tumors removed and treating with traditional means, some of Ed's tumors are growing.

X-Rays of Ed's Bone tumors
"This one got taken out but this one and this one are growing," Ed explained in an interview while looking over his x-rays. Despite what everyone thinks, the experimental treatment that he receives in LA is not actually a cannabis treatment, (though Ed has explained that he's trying to implement as much cannabis oil as possible, just in case) it is a new type of bone hardener that doctors believe may combat the cancer.

Mmm, Mmm, First Class deliciousness.
No wonder "No Pictures", look
what the common man is
The high life at 30,000 feet in transit to LA

Recently, Ed thought he had been granted a reprieve from the forces that work to screw him over. He had secured a charity flight service that committed that they would fly him to and from LA for his treatments. Of course, he was very appreciative.

Ed enjoying the service and hospitality aboard the flight

Unfortunately, Ed's luck didn't change for the better. Upon posting several pictures to Facebook of the plane and the cabin in excitement, Ed inadvertently broke some rules that had apparently not been explained.

"They didn't tell me nothing," Ed said in defense. "If I had known that [taking pictures] was against the rules, I wouldn't have taken 'em." Regardless of his apologies, the sponsoring charity organization for his first flight denied him future flights after he arrived in LA.

Ed was awaiting his treatment at the hospital when the limo driver that taxi'ed him there came in and said that he had to leave. This limo driver said that he was called off the assignment and was to report back immediately.

Ed was shocked. According to what he'd been told, he would be assured travel between PHL to LA and taxi service before and after his treatment. He called in to find out what had happened but was met with only the basics.

A gentleman from the charity spoke with Ed in a very angry tone: he was not happy that pictures of the plane had made it online. Ed was able to keep the driver on hand while working things out over the phone. While they didn't want to, the charity service provided him a flight back from his treatment via commercial air liner. 

Ed was told after returning home that he would not be able to get continue getting charity flights. Apparently, from the conversation that Ed had, the owner of the plane was contacted directly with a complaint that the photos were being distributed. Ed doesn't have direct proof, but he's confident that it was either State or Federal authorities.

Who's at the controls of charity flights? Can't someone help Ed out?
"I don't have a way to prove it, but I know it was them." Ed stated, assuring me that he knows that the government was responsible for his plight.

His logical explanation was that few people that follow him on Facebook would call in a complaint about charity he receives and that it is likely that Federal and/or State authorities would have the resources to look up the plane owner with ease using just the ID numbers and letters on the side of the turbine.

This, if actually a government action, would not be the first of its kind. Ed has been targeted by the government in LA as well while he was operating a State legal medicinal marijuana shop. His crop was raided, his shop was taken away and all of his assets were frozen. Because of this previous altercation, Ed said that he's sure that the government is trying to "screw him", and he might be right.

"This is twice now that they did this to me. They're deliberately making it harder for me because they want me to fail. They want my message to fail." Ed said.


  1. Wow! Are you kidding me?? Whats the big deal of some pics?? But ok I can understand they didnt wan tthem on the web..but does that mean stop his treatments? Makes no sense to me..Ed is gonna be okay like he said this isnt the first time they messed wit him and probably wont be the last! But they cant keep him DOWN!! You got my vote baby!

  2. just proves they dont really care about people with cancer

  3. OMG This is awful they should have told him what's the do's or the don't some people just don't give a dam weather your sick or well but like they say you can't keep a good man down

  4. NJ keep hanging in there you know we pray for your recovery and that the Government will understand we need access to medical marijuana for ALL Patients who will benefit from it

  5. This is really rotten, especially since it is really nothing to do with your campaign for legal pot, but a treatment of a medical issue. Why doesn't the law back off? There are real criminals out there, that need to be off the street and behind bars. why do they not do what the taxpayer's pay them for? This makes me very ANGRY