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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Adam Kokesh and NA Poe Arrested at Smoke Down Philly 5

NA Poe and Adam Kokesh have been arrested and brought to the Federal Building at 700 Arch Street. Several others were arrested through the course of the event including individuals handing out fliers on ending the Fed! Most speakers were able to say their piece prior to 4:20pm, which is when, during the moment of marijuana reflection, Adam Kokesh was gripped up by grimy, pea-brained authoritarians drunk on power. Adam had not even lit or smoked a joint of his own - he was simply targeted because he is a controversial radio/ Podcast host with plans to conduct an armed march on Washington DC in peaceful protest of the assaults on our 2nd Amendment rights.

NA Poe reportedly "shoved" a Federal officer though witness accounts vary. Poe was abruptly shoved to the ground and held by many officers. He was held for a couple of minutes under the weight of at least two arresting officers, then he was escorted away to the "base of operations" where the Park Rangers had amassed to observe the event.

Crowds boo'ed, chanted and video recorded the entire time, ensuring that the actions of the officers and the Police Chiefs on scene would be seen by all across the nation. NORML Philly organizers remain free. They have begun solidarity movements at the Federal Building both the evening after Smoke Down and also the day after, (5-19-13) protesting the arrests.

Video will be up shortly - check back for details.

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