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Thursday, May 23, 2013

N.A. Poe Released; Kokesh to Await Trial in Jail

According to sources on site, N.A. Poe will be released from Federal Detention and Adam Kokesh will be staying in until the next trial.

"This just in - our prophet and savior, man of the people, N.A. Poe has been blessed by Justice the Guardian of Liberty and is being released shortly on ROR. Praise to Jah." ~The Panic Hour

"Kokesh is refusing to give his address, so he's staying in jail for now." ~ James Babb, Activist and noted FIJA Supporter

Adam Kokesh displaying what's imagined to be .02% of his arsenal

According to sources at the Federal Detention Center at 700 Arch Street in Philadelphia where N.A. Poe and Adam Kokesh have been kept since the 18th, Adam Kokesh will remain imprisoned on the grounds of non-compliance as he has yet to release his address in Pretrial Questioning.

N.A. Poe Released on Recognizance, 5/23/2013

On a brighter note, N.A. Poe of the Panic Hour will be Released on Recognizance shortly, as said on the Panic Hour's Facebook page. Expect more details shortly.

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