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Friday, May 15, 2015

How One Pennsyl-tucky Hick Representative can legally Kill Children

How One Pennsyl-tucky Hick Representative can legally Kill Children

Example 1: A Fucktard, Who has probably never been to a PA forest in his life, who lives for stomping on the hopes of desperate parents, and probably has cum on his Bible more times than on his wife
                                You couldn’t just let the kids have some peace.
                You had to be difficult over a monetary reward of a VISIBLE $22,000 from GW Pharmaceuticals.
You control the Board that SB3 has been assigned to in the House, and you don’t have to put it up for dick-diddly squat. Because you’re the Chair. You hold the chips. And, you’ve been adamantly stubborn about cannabis in every way, and will continue to be so, because you’re paid to do so. You, sir, are a shill. There is nothing about you that I could appeal to for sympathy for this cause and there is no reprieve in this honest, yet brutal account of who you really are, made public, for all of PA to see.
                There are not going to be paragraphs in this piece that tip-toe towards civil persuasion. If the evidence and testimony and research thus far have not yet convinced you that cannabis legitimately has a medicinal property to it, then you are obviously beset against cannabis ever being legal, regardless of how good and applicable it may be.
                There aren’t words that carry the broken-hearted heat of hate that we, the people in need of medical cannabis feel towards you. You carry the Federal rhetoric on your shoulder as though it were a golden cross that weighs a feather – because it is. You have no trouble. You have no want. All you have is everything, but you can’t afford others anything. Matt Baker is the same infection of human personality as Nixon, only as concentrated in ignorance and arrogance as our shatter is compared to the trim available in Nixon’s day. Matt Baker embodies all of the worst that Tea Partiers feel about Obama while also entirely pissing off liberals for everything he does.
                If an appropriate fate could befall Matt Baker, he would be plagued with cancer and cancerous legions, suffer like a leper, and be refused the cure that 88% of all population around him has embraced.
                That would not happen with us, though.
                The cannabis community is strong. The cannabis community is compassionate. The cannabis community values life before money, and children before the interests of one SPOILED, OLD, JERK. The cannabis community has banded together. They serve each other, even when the government won’t permit it. They share each other’s’ hardship and they have a common vision. That vision may not have hit critical mass yet, but it will soon.
                It will soon, and I will revel on the day when I can drive up to your house, Matt Baker, stand in the very public road out front of your house with 100’s of my friends and closest, and smoke joints, bongs, bowls, rigs, blunts while others are eating canna-cookies, cannabis extracts and cannabis oils and others still are working with hemp, making products, BEING USEFUL. Something you abhorrently refuse to acknowledge that cannabis users can do. BEING USEFUL.
                I’m telling you. Not asking. Not pleading. Not arguing or debating. I’m TELLING you, Matt Baker. When you kill this bill, you kill children. You kill veterans. You kill a piece of Pennsylvania, and we will not forgive you. This is not a matter that you should stand in the way of; you’ve seen States topple like dominoes towards legalization of medical and recreational and you know that you’re practically standing “on the corner of the Amtrak line”, if you’d take a current reference, (but you represent no-where’s-ville, PA, so you’re probably TOTALLY removed of all happenings in the REST of the State).
                Again. I am not writing this to appeal to your “good” side, Matt. I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you, and I believe that your mere presence around me is quite off-putting. I’m writing this because I see right through your smug, asinine grins. I know that you can’t wait to make your place in history as Pennsylvania’s next Harry J. Anslinger. Because of that, I am simply writing this open letter to you, to say one thing:

Fuck you.

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