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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Smoke Down Prohibition Six

In standard tradition, June is scheduled for a Smoke Down Prohibition event. This new event, called a "drug war Horror tour of Philly" will feature stops at buildings and places responsible for upholding the insane policies of for-profit prison racketeering, unjust persecution against non-violent criminals and overall dickishness.

What sets this new event apart from our May 18th event, or the events prior, is that at the last Smoke Down, it seemed we had drawn some unpleasant attention from the park rangers. Adam and Poe were arrested before our eyes, leading to a very somber, (and very sober for Poe) time when people gathered outside of the Federal Detention Center.

Collectively, we knew that we couldn't abandon the cause and that Poe and Adam would want Smoke Down to continue even if they were in jail all through the month of June. Well, they're out, and now it's a full party for this next event.

Where the Panic Hour and Philly NORML are planning on taking us with this march, there has been no mention. This is probably to "shake" the heat or to have the opportunity to split if things get hairy.

Cold grey fences and dozens of officers may be in place again come the 30th. There could be worse than we've seen. Maybe the publicity of the first arrests was enough to ward off resistance against peaceful protest. We will see in short time.

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